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Fall 2020

Northwest native, Renee Terrill (fka Renee Madsen), is a songbird in every sense of the term.  Singing everywhere she goes, her love of music and beauty are apparent.  Her light lyric coloratura soprano voice easily navigates through a variety of music styles and genres, but is most at home with American Songbook/Jazz Standards, Pop, New Age, Celtic and classical music.

She has a bright, clear and sweet voice that is beautifully paired with her artistic expression and love of entertaining.... (more)

What a wonderful time we had with the Mike Horsfall Trio at Classic Pianos! 

Hope to post clips for you soon!  Remember to check in on my FB page for those too!  (ReneeTerrill @reneesingstoo)

I've been hard at work learning new repetoire for my first classical recital/concert.  The music is absolutely gorgeous & a wonderful challenge!  As usual, my collecting of fabulous gowns has begun, and I cannot wait to begin releasing tidbits of details along the way.  Make sure to stay posted, it's going to be a fun journey between now and the next concert.  And the concert will be an epic event.  First hint:  We've found a way to combine both of my talents, and to share them in a format/way that no one ever has.  Stay tuned!